ISPE Belgium Affiliate Emerging Leaders achievements 2022

13 December, 2022

End of the year marks the traditional time to reflect and celebrate the achievements of the past year along with goal setting for the next one to come. If 2022 were a word, it would be Collaboration. It united Belgium Emerging Leaders community together with the D/A/CH Emerging Leaders to create a series of webinars on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and explored topics from GMP Challenges, T-cells manufacturing, Gene Therapy and Innovative platforms for gene manufacturing to Tissue Engineering and its role in regenerative medicine.It brought together companies, countries and people from Pharmaceutical Industry to Academic Research, but most importantly, enabled pharmaceutical knowledge transfer to encourage innovation and continuous development of our (pharmaceutical) field and our ISPE members.This wouldn't have been possible without our speakers Jasna Curak, Jérôme Toussaint, Viridiana Urena,Tania Pereira Chilima, Hanna P. Lesch, Jorgen Magnus, Andreas Eberle and Bert van den Bogerd and our peers in D/A/CH Emerging Leaders. As for 2023, we are looking forward to continue our collaboration and create new opportunities to connect, exchange ideas and bring people and knowledge together.