Thanks for joining ISPE Belgium Affiliate Seminar - Supply Chain resilience

23 November, 2022

On Nov 23rd , ISPE Belgium Affiliate vzw/asbl organized together with UPIP-VAPI - Belgian Professional Association of Pharmacists working in the Life Science Industry a technical seminar, including site visit, with focus on supply chain resilience.

 The last years we experience different events that have an impact on our supply chain. The results? Shortages in raw materials, logistic and warehouse issues, the need for very quick access to vaccines, the impact on human capital and what about the view of the competent authorities on these changes?

A big thanks to all keynote speakers (from GSK, Sanofi, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Deloitte, AFMPS and Exothera, as site visit host) and to all sponsors/tabletop exhibitors (Scitech, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, Multi Protexion, Agidens, Vistalink, Kingspan, Flow technology and Siemens).

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