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How to Stay Connected with Pharma Professionals Around the World During COVID-19

Tanya Sharma
How to Stay Connected with Pharma Professionals Around the World During COVID-19

We have all been given a lot of options lately. Google “things to do in quarantine” and you will have your pick from a slew of categories. With all these workout videos -- where to start? Which book to read? Make the trending Degong coffee or join my friends for an online Zumba class? Which conference platform is the best anyway, and why not try them all?

I have been thinking of paradox of choice. Do we really enjoy having all these options available to us, or do the multitude of choices simply make us feel that we have a wide variety to select from?

All these options can lead to decision fatigue. Many of us are multi-tasking -- we are taking care of our families, working, and managing our competing priorities. Our agendas are filled from morning to night with “to do’s.” Despite this busy routine, I still felt disconnected. With the numerous options and huge list of things to do, I realized that what was still missing was feeling involved with and connected to like-minded people. It made me think of communication. Are we really engaged? Are we really having open discussions and building stronger communities?

With this thought in mind, I reached out to ISPE leaders to encourage a global initiative for all of us to stay closer, develop friendships, and learn more about the different walks of life we come from. I have had conversations with Women in Pharma® leaders from India, Philippines, UK, Brazil, US, Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, and Indonesia. The responses I have received have been extremely warm and welcoming. People do want to be connected. They do want to discuss books, have virtual happy hours, establish more Mentor Circles, and inspire growth.

As a result of these discussions, we are making exciting progress with respect to global initiatives, including the introduction of new Mentor Circles and Circle Leaders in the Philippines, UK/Netherlands/Belgium, India, Israel, Indonesia, and Brazil. We will be launching a Global Initiative Plan that will include the introduction of:

  • Women in Pharma® book club
  • Mentor of the Month Program
  • Online discussion groups
  • Podcasts

Please be sure to keep ISPE and the Women in Pharma® updated with your upcoming Affiliate and Chapter events so these can be shared across the entire global ISPE association. We welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to moving this initiative forward with the help of the many amazing people, positive energy, and enthusiasm I’ve already experienced in my short time as the Women in Pharma® Mentor Circle Lead. In the upcoming months, we will be hosting events to build an even stronger network and create enhanced engagement. Want to get involved? 

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