Emerging Leaders

Sponsors / Speakers wanted! Please contact the ISPE Singapore Affiliate Emerging Leaders’ Chapter: sgispeel@gmail.com

Emerging Leaders 2022

Chan Jin Wei Louis
Chan Jin Wei Louis
Emerging Leaders
Wanchai Saeli
Wanchai Saeli
Emerging Leaders
Events Manager
Soong Li Ting Crystal
Soong Li Ting Crystal
Emerging Leaders
Partnership Manager
Vanessa Scully
Vanessa Scully
Emerging Leaders
Communications Manager

The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Singapore Affiliate is a non-profit organization and we, the Emerging Leaders’ Chapter (EL), aims to deliver values in terms of soft and hard skills to our valued Emerging Leaders.

EL is a community of young talents suitable for individuals within 5 years of university graduation who are looking to field themselves in the pharmaceutical industry. Under this chapter, individuals will pay a lower membership fee than industry professionals with more years of experience while gaining the same membership benefits.

As a member of ISPEEL, one can look forward to networking opportunities with peers and juniors and to learn from the industry professionals.

Mission: To connect like-minded emerging leaders and to share knowledge on technical and soft skills to enable them to deliver impactful work in their professional careers and the society.

Vision: To empower emerging leaders with resources and opportunities so that they become well-equipped to navigate through the pharmaceutical industry and excel at their work.

Looking for volunteers: 

The ISPEEL team is always looking for individuals who have the heart to serve the community. And no events or initiatives would be possible without a team of dedicated individuals. Currently, the EL Committee comprises of Louis (ISPEEL Chairperson), Wanchai (ISPEEL Events Manager), Crystal (ISPEEL Partnership Manager) and Vanessa (ISPEEL Communications Manager).

Should you have time to spare, we hope you can consider joining the organising team. There will be a flexible schedule to suit your time and needs as we understand the nature of a working adult. Feel free to contact us directly at sgispeel@gmail.com should you have any questions and we can personally share more about this volunteering opportunity.   


Email: sgispeel@gmail.com

Direct Contact on Telegram: @Louisdrex

Key new initiative:

Podcast series:

As part of an initiative to value-add to our community, the ISPEEL team initiated a podcast series where we would invite established scientific professionals to share.

Throughout the year, we are pleased to have the opportunity to invite speakers such as Anni Wang, Dr Marianne Sheila and Dr Joseph Tan to share insightful information with us.

Podcast 1: Anni Wang

Anni Wang
Recording: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z3-JeWj_94SPVwavCa0g_-sBrJWGjga0?usp=sharing

Podcast 2: Dr Marianne Sheila

Dr Marianne Sheila
Recording: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jB3gyfHBVsNxC60vAoXZyaANOHB82bYU?usp=sharing

Podcast 3: Dr Joseph Tan

Dr Joseph Tan
Recording: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yl72oSjlQ-QRl2P8BSb1vZI1_3sssIR9?usp=sharing

If you have anyone you wish for us to invite, feel free to let us know. 

Key webinars:

A Dose of Reality (22nd November): 

A dose of realityGroup picture 1


The ISPE Emerging Leaders’ Chapter organized “A Dose of Reality” which was held on 22nd November. The event was organised for participants who are curious about how nutrition, fasting and drugs can play a role in the physiology of ageing. 

From the events, participants gained key insights such as understanding the hallmarks of ageing, role of metabolism in aging , intermittent fasting, etc. 

Transforming for Future Economy (30th August): 

Transforming for future economyGroup picture 2


The ISPE Emerging Leaders’ Chapter organized “Transforming for Future Economy” which was held on 30th August. The event was organised to equip participants with skills to ensure you are resilient and being able to deal with uncertainties in future. 

During the event, the speakers shared how one can accelerate one’s growth and make a difference. Tips on leadership, continuous learning and mentorship were covered. 

Comments from one of the participants: “I appreciated the subtle interaction with the audience, such as the poll questions. Not too imposing, but managed to be involving.”

Unlocking Project Management (1st June 2022): 

Unlocking project managementGroup picture 3


The ISPE Emerging Leaders’ Chapter organized “Unlocking Project Management” which was held on 1st June. The event was created to equip our participants with project management skills, which are highly relevant and transferrable in the workplace. The distinguished speakers, Geoffrey and Honghang from Schneider Electric shared some tips on managing a project effectively and introduced a tool called Trello which allowed team members to work collaboratively. 

Here is what one of the participants, Wanchai from PSB Academy had to say “I learned a lot from the project management webinar. Both speakers explained the subject in detail. The knowledge I gained from the webinar is applicable to me as a college student. A significant element of project management entails systematic problem solving, which requires both divergent and convergent thinking. Additionally, there is a specific application described in the session called Trello; it is an intriguing tool that will undoubtedly come in helpful for my future group assignments!”


Dive into Pharma (4th April 2022)

Dive into PharmaGroup picture 4


The webinar enumerated the different aspects of the pharma industry’s work arrangements.

It delved into the 4 verticals in pharma which are:
•    Resources company
•    Design and engineering company
•    Consulting company
•    Equipment supplier company

The webinar was organised to help participants understand how these different aspects complement one another and help one can make a more informed career decisions as you graduate from your academic institutions.